Invisible or Inviting?

Invisible? As a child, many of us had ‘imaginary friends’. It was our own secret world of pretend play that was magical, and could be anything we wanted it to be. Its existence and details were ‘invisible’ unless you invited others in to take a peek. Throughout the past 16 months for me (& the last 8 months for many others), the invisible has been greater than the inviting. The primary catalyst for many has been COVID19. While there are factors that we cannot control, each of us goes through periods of grief, change, fear and illness. Sometimes they are simultaneous. How do we handle it? In the Bible book, Luke 12 has been a source of encouragement to me. It reminds me that I matter to God, what I say matters, and that He will take care of me because He loves me. So, if you are wrapping yourself in the cocoon of invisibility, remember first that God loves you! He made you in His image and He wants you to trust Him. Luke 12:24-25 sums that up perfectly and says, ‘Consider the ravens; they don’t sow or reap, they don’t have storehouses or barns, but God feeds them. How much more valuable are you? Being anxious cannot add anything to your life.’ Friends, most of the time that is the EASY part for me. I know God cares for me. I think the harder part is to be VISIBLE to others, to INVITE them in, and allow them to see you walk through the good and the bad. To sprinkle your magic, the secret of who you are, and then allow them to take a look at one of God’s creations. He created us to enjoy the frienships of others, to walk through experiences together, to lighten each other’s load, and to walk closer towards Him in our journey here. Let’s sprinkle our magic, invite others in to our ‘secret’ world, and allow each other to sneak a peek into what has in some ways become an ‘invisible’ existence for many. Please share how YOU accomplish this!

Author: inthethickofit4

Hey there! Please sit, ponder and laugh with me a few minutes as I am trying to be a woman after God's own heart, a faithful and encouraging wife, an 'older' mother with a preschooler and elementary aged kiddo, a physical therapist of 20 years, and a friend, aunt and daughter who is finding JOY in her purpose and seeking to be a LIGHT in this world.

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