Traffic Calming

The first time I saw this sign I thought WOW! This is BRILLIANT! Instead of speed bump SLOW DOWN, the point was made nicely and thoughtfully. I WANTED to slow down instead of rolling my eyes and getting aggravated. Sounds crazy, right? But it led me to contemplate why I am so often in a rush, and more likely than not to hit the accelerator. Why am I spinning my wheels like a gerbil in a cage, and having the kids chase after me hurriedly? NOBODY likes that! What IF we just slowed down enough to be CALM? What IF we took the control of how we spent our time and let the traffic slow to a crawl. Would we appreciate the time together, begin to prioritize or become lazy? Believe me, there is the temptation to just veg out and not do the quality time when we’re all together. Because… we. are. tired. So, my wish is that we all are able slow the traffic in our households; not just the external busyness but also the at home distractions. That we will soak up the limited time we have together with lighthearted laughter & memory making moments. Happy happy Holidays! And I hope you find the calmness in the fast lane of life this entire season.

Author: inthethickofit4

Hey there! Please sit, ponder and laugh with me a few minutes as I am trying to be a woman after God's own heart, a faithful and encouraging wife, an 'older' mother with a preschooler and elementary aged kiddo, a physical therapist of 20 years, and a friend, aunt and daughter who is finding JOY in her purpose and seeking to be a LIGHT in this world.

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