Small but Significant

WOW! COVID-19 is the gift that keeps giving. So many people have suffered the terrible effects of this illness, and the newest strand out appears to put the bullseye on our small children. Honestly, if you haven’t been overwhelmed in the past 18 months at one point or another, I’m not sure you’re anything but super human! Aside from the trauma or losing someone or several we know and love, we have seen the debilitating residual effects that just continue to linger. And that is just the physical. Let’s talk mental health of those of us who appear to be doing well, and are trying to resume life as normally as possible. The BIGGEST part of the equation is not in our current health or job stability, but in our ability to trust our Creator. He is the one who knows our heart, how many more days we have, and what the end is going to be. TRUST in that. He can do amazing and exceedingly abundant things in our lives. He knows we ultimately need rest and the fulfillment of hope no matter what.

We have had an amazing opportunity recently to travel to Montana. The travel itself and a couple of events once we were at a destination really struck me. People are tired. People have lost hope. People need others and need HOPE more than any other time in my adult life. Faith in humanity is hanging on in some instances by a thread. BUT, I also saw God’s amazing creation, his power, majesty and glory. I saw how small I was but remembered how significant I am. So, for all those watching us, whether close (i.e. our families or coworkers, etc) or distant, let us make sure to shine His light. LIGHT can dim the darkest fear, the deepest ache and can even melt a centuries old glacier.

Author: inthethickofit4

Hey there! Please sit, ponder and laugh with me a few minutes as I am trying to be a woman after God's own heart, a faithful and encouraging wife, an 'older' mother with a preschooler and elementary aged kiddo, a physical therapist of 20 years, and a friend, aunt and daughter who is finding JOY in her purpose and seeking to be a LIGHT in this world.

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